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When facing difficult life transitions, we are lucky to live in California, one of the few states to train and license professional fiduciaries.

As licensed professionals, we act as trusted advocates for people who are unable to safely manage their assets and/or healthcare decisions.

At Riviera Fiduciary we provide outstanding client support by understanding your needs and working collaboratively to achieve your goals. We listen. We really listen.

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand.
Most people listen with the intent to reply.”
– Stephen R. Covey


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What We Can Do for You

We Serve as Trustee, Executor, Attorney-in-Fact, Conservator and Probate Administrator
and focus on three key service areas:

Trust & Estate Administration

We administer trusts and estates in an organized, tax-efficient manner, to preserve, grow and distribute wealth in accordance with your plan.

Elder Support

We help our clients navigate the complexities of the aging process with dignity, including decisions pertaining to health, caregiving and quality of life.   

Financial Concierge Services

We offer relief from paying monthly bills, managing expenses, overseeing timely submission of tax returns, paying taxes and more.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Fiduciary

We do everything in our power to honor your wishes and implement your plan.
Let us help you…

✔  Stay in your home as long as possible. 

✔ Protect and manage a loved one’s finances.

✔  Avoid arguments among your children over estate management decisions.

✔  Delegate selling the home and liquidating the assets. 

✔  Ensure your loved one is moved into a place that allows pets and treats residents with dignity. 

✔  Handle your trust and estate with efficiency and as little drama as possible.

Riviera Fiduciary is here for you!

Meet Susan Graven 

Owner/Founder of Riviera Fiduciary, LLC

Susan has had the opportunity to immerse herself in several interesting careers, such as managing Travel/Study Programs for Stanford University Alumni Programs. While traveling around the world with Stanford faculty, Susan enjoyed interacting with the mostly retired participants – so many fascinating stories (and talent shows!) She is convinced that these experiences have all served to bring her to this particular calling. She is passionate about the work of a fiduciary, especially in protecting elders and helping families avoid relationship stressors.  Susan’s formal education includes:

  • University of Richmond, BA
  • Cornell University, Master’s Degree
  • University of California – Riverside, Professional Fiduciary Certification 
  • Professional Fiduciaries Bureau (PFB), Professional Fiduciary License

Susan is a member of the Professional Fiduciaries Association of California,
The Estate Planning Group Network (Torrance Chapter) and the
Center for Guardianship Certification (National).


Susan demonstrates the depth of her passion for this field and her desire to reduce suffering in the world through her dedication to her clients. I am also a licensed professional fiduciary and I would not hesitate to recommend Susan for any role where impeccable ethics, communication, a trusted network of professionals and compassion are required.
–Shannon Dalton

I have known Susan Graven for 31 years.  She is smart, fun loving, always learning new things, great with details and one of the most trustworthy people I know. All the characteristics you could want in a fiduciary.  If I were looking for someone to help take care of someone I loved, or even myself, I would trust Susan for that job without reservation.”
–Keith McNutt

“Susan has 100% integrity, and is smart, trustworthy and caring. I did my estate planning to ensure my daughters are taken care of in the future, and chose Susan as my successor trustee. I wanted a trustee who I can rely on to successfully manage my assets, and be there to support my daughters, if I cannot. I have complete peace of mind that Susan will fulfill my wishes.”
–Sharon Simmonds

At Riviera Fiduciary, we empower our clients to live life on their own terms, including staying as independent as possible, even after no longer being able to manage finances and/or personal care needs.

Live life on your own terms.

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